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Watch Battery Buyers - September 2012 Silver Oxide Battery Newsletter

Silver oxide cells: offering $70 / lb. and up depending on the total weight!

Silver is at an amazing $34.50 per troy ounce! That is a 6 month high! Call Watch Battery Buyers @ 877-670-7799 to get today's rate based on how many pounds you have. You could get as high as $80+ per pound if you have enough weight of clean silver oxide batteries!

Don't get too confident that silver will stay at this level or increase. Silver has been hovering around $34 for some days now. It could go up more, or it could do a repeat performance of March and collapse to $27 again.

As always, FREE SHIPPING! There is never any cost to you.

We also buy Gold-Filled and Gold-Plated scrap!

Do you have a box of old watch bands, eyeglass frames or pocket watch cases? Did you know that items marked GF could be worth up to $400 per pound? Free-up some under-counter space by sending your GF and GP materials to Watch Battery Buyers! You could have a windfall just sitting there! More information is available on the Gold-Plated Gold-Filled Recycling page.

Beware scammers and inexperienced start-ups!

Did you know that most of the other battery buyers out there have not been in business for much more than a year? And others aren't even legal businesses? Why take a chance? Send your batteries to Watch Battery Buyers, a legal business since 2009.

For more information about potential scams and how to look up legal businesses (and how long they have been in business), read the Anti-Fraud page on our website. Watch Battery Buyers was the first to bring to you this relevant industry news to help protect your hard-earned investment.

At Watch Battery Buyers, we are always doing our best to improve our services to maximize the value of YOUR time and materials.